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Our company successfully passed the quality management system re-certification

From June 22nd to June 24th, the management system certification expert review team of China National Medical Equipment Huaguang Certification Co., Ltd. conducted GB/T 19001-2016 idt ISO9001:2005 YY/T 0287-2017 idt ISO13485:2016 quality management on our company System re-certification and re-audit work. On the morning of June 22, relevant personnel held the first meeting of the quality management system at the company's Shunyi plant to arrange the audit tasks.    According to the quality management system standards, the audit team adopts a combination of online and offline audit methods to conduct a comprehensive and detailed audit of all processes of design, development, production and service and related functional departments in groups.    During the audit, the experts fully affirmed the operation of our company's quality management system and corporate management level, and at the same time communicated on the problems existing in the audit and put forward corresponding improvement suggestions. After inspection and verification by the audit team, the company's quality management system is in compliance with the quality management system certification standards, and passed the quality management system recertification. At the final audit meeting on the afternoon of the 26th, Ma Lichuan, general manager of the company, thanked the audit team for their valuable suggestions, and said that the audit has indeed effectively promoted the company’s quality management work. We will continue to urge all departments to follow quality management in the future System standards are perfected and improved to ensure that the company’s quality management system and company’s operation and management are improved       

Anesthesiologists gather in the most beautiful "spring city" Jinan—The 16th Annual Anesthesiology Conference of Six Provinces and One City in East China and the 20th Anesthesiology Conference of Shandong Province

    From April 21st to 23rd, 2017, the 16th Annual Anesthesiology Conference of Six Provinces and One City in East China and the 20th Anesthesiology Academic Conference of Shandong Province was the most beautiful in "Four-sided lotus and three-sided willows, a city with mountains and a city with a lake" "Spring City" was held in Jinan. Jinan is a beautiful city known all over the world for its many springs and beautiful scenery. Daming Lake, Thousand Buddha Mountain and Baotu Spring are also known as the three major scenic spots in Jinan. Especially in Jinan in spring, the willow branches took out the tender buds and swayed with the wind, and the catkins flew freely like snowflakes. In such a spring season, a vibrant city greeted this grand event with enthusiasm.    Although this anesthesia meeting is the annual anesthesia meeting of six provinces and one city in East China, the enthusiasm of anesthesiologists in all provinces is very high, and anesthesiologists from all provinces and cities across the country have come to participate. At the same time, the name of the anesthesia conference was changed for the first time: from anesthesiology to perioperative medical academic conference. It can be seen that the anesthesia business has risen to a new height and is constantly innovating and improving.    A total of 12 wonderful academic exchange sub-venues were arranged for this grand event. Famous domestic experts and scholars in anesthesiology were invited to give lectures, share academic achievements, carry out clinical case discussions, and conduct multi-level and multi-angle academic exchanges. The first lecture of the conference started with Professor Xiong Lize, who started the analysis and explanation from anesthesiology to perioperative medicine, thus officially kicking off a wonderful academic feast. Professor Liu Jin had a wonderful exchange on inhalation anesthesia: clinical pharmacology and practice. Professor Yu Buwei focused on the future development direction of the anesthesia subject. We believe that the development prospects of anesthesia will change with each passing day. Professor Yu Weifeng described the progress of hepatobiliary surgery combined with anesthesia. Waiting for the academic exchanges of some well-known expert directors, brought us a feast of anesthesia, and even more aroused the enthusiasm of anesthesiologists for learning.   Beijing Kelian Shenghua Applied Technology Research Institute was also invited to participate in the anesthesia academic event in six provinces and one city in Shandong. In this conference, the “Beijing K&L Sublimation” team once again attracted the attention of many participants and colleagues with full enthusiasm, professional knowledge, and shining products. The booth popularity is still extremely hot. As the exclusive patented product "Intraoperative Anesthesia Pump" of "Sublimation" can be used for painless delivery, intravenous anesthesia for general anesthesia and continuous epidural anesthesia, it greatly facilitates the clinical work of anesthesiologists and protects patients The safety of anesthesia was unanimously recognized and appreciated by experts and representatives during the exhibition at this conference. Our newly developed dexmedetomidine dedicated anesthesia pump has also received strong praise from several hospitals and expressed intention to use it. Let us have more confidence in the sublimation of C&T, and strengthen our determination to grow together with the anesthesia business.    Looking back at the development history of "Shenghua" for more than 20 years, we can see that Beijing Kelian Shenghua has been working steadily and striving for perfection. While making every effort to promote the development of China's anesthesia industry, "Sublimation" is also expanding its influence at home and abroad. In the future, "Shenghua" will continue to adhere to the concept of "growth with China's anesthesia industry", steadfastly innovate, and hope to create new brilliance with the majority of distributors and hospitals.  

sublimation product xinjing hotan won the bid information !

  Beijing Kelian Shenghua's exclusive patented product has won the bid in Xinjiang Hotan consumables bidding. The current manufacturer is actively attracting investment, contact number: Xu Hongyue 18911251859.

the 2014 annual meeting of the anesthesiology byanch of the shannxi medical association was successfully held in yan'an

   On July 4-6, the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Anesthesiology Branch of Shaanxi Province was successfully held in Yan'an, the Holy Land of Chinese Revolution, attracting more than 450 teachers from the province to attend the meeting. The conference was presided over by Professor Hu Bin, Director of the Department of Anesthesiology, Yan’an University Affiliated Hospital, Professor Xue Rongliang, Director of the Anesthesiology Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University, Professor Xu Lixian, Department of Anesthesiology, the Fourth Military Medical University, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Medical Association Anesthesiology Branch, Zhongshan, Shanghai Professor Xue Zhanggang from the Department of Anesthesiology, Beijing Tongren Hospital and Professor Li Tianyou from the Department of Anesthesiology, Beijing Tongren Hospital, and many well-known experts and professors from home and abroad attended the lectures.           "Shenghua" was invited to participate in this annual meeting and displayed exclusive patented products. During the conference, customers came to the Shenghua booth to obtain product information and expressed their deep approval of the company's products. Through this meeting, the company's exclusive patented products will be further promoted in hospitals at all levels in Shaanxi.    (contributed by Qian Daoqin)

the 2014 national obstic anesthesia and lalabor analgeesiz class was successfully held in dalian

  On July 11-13, the 2014 Dalian Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital "Obstetric Anesthesia and Childbirth Analgesia Management Course" was held in Dalian. More than 200 anesthesiologists from all over the country participated in the course.    This meeting invited Professor Yu Weifeng, the current chairman of the Anesthesiologist Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, the Standing Committee and Secretary-General of the Chinese Medical Association Anesthesiology Branch, the chairman of the Shanghai Medical Association Anesthesiology Branch, and the director of the Shanghai Oriental Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital. Professor Mi Weidong, vice chairman of the academic branch, president-elect of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association of Anesthesiologists, director of the Anesthesiology Department of PLA General Hospital, member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Medical Association of Anesthesiology, member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctors Association of Anesthesiologists, director of the Liaoning Provincial Anesthesiologist The committee members, Professor Ma Hong, director of the Anesthesiology Department of the First Hospital of China Medical University, and Xu Mingjun, director of the Anesthesiology Department of Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, and other well-known domestic experts came to the venue and shared wonderful topics.          "Shenghua" has been making unremitting efforts to promote the popularization of childbirth analgesia in China and provided strong support to this conference. "Shenghua" will always adhere to the concept of "growth with China's anesthesia industry" and contribute to the development of China's anesthesia. The promotion of painless childbirth contributes to its own strength.    (contributed by Jiang Tao)
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