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Part of the winning bid information in 2020:
Successful bid area Winning project
Shaanxi Province Online Sunshine Procurement of General Medical Consumables
Changde City Centralized procurement of low-value medical consumables and inspection reagents from public medical institutions
Dalian City

 Public medical and health institutions jointly negotiate prices for medical consumables



2019 bid winning information:
Won the bid area Winning project
Yunnan Province Medical insurance drug catalog and medical consumables corresponding maintenance declaration
Guangdong Province Platform Bidding and Bargaining System
Henan Province Confirmation of price limit for high-value medical consumables
Hubei Province

  Sunshine Procurement of Medical Consumables

Hunan Province Declaration of low-value consumables
Jiangxi Province The third batch of centralized procurement of medical consumables
 Sichuan Province

Confirmation of the reference price of high-value medical consumables

 Handan City

Hebei Province Public Medical Institutions 2019 Medical Consumables and Reagents Centralized Procurement Project

Yancheng City Jiangsu Province Medical consumables and inspection and testing reagents are purchased by medical and health institutions for the second batch of shortlisted product price negotiations


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